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Get Your Home Ready To Sell!!!

Here are just a few things you need to consider:

Get a Certified Home Inspection done before you begin to Sell so you will not have any major surprises later! The average repairs done a  a home for sale exceed $1000.00 when you wait until after you have a contract as it costs more to repair the home in a short time period. The Good news is we provide that service Free of Charge when we list your home!!!

Get a Certified full blown Selling appraisal done before you list the home. Why? So you know the real value and are not relying on strictly an agents comps!!! WE also provide that service Free of Charge! Why would we do that? Its in your best interest and ours to have the home correctly priced!

There are a few other secrets you may need to know. read the list below and give us a call or text 865-803-3558 to find out more about our uniques services

l Edge, mow and fertilize the lawn. Reseed sparse areas.

l Trim hedges, weed lawns and flowerbeds, and prune trees. Cut back overgrown shrubbery.

l Reseal cracks in foundation, steps, walkways, walls and patios. Power-wash the exterior.

l Clean and align gutters and downspouts; clean the chimney.

l Remove oil stains from driveway and garage. Keep walks and driveway swept or free of ice.

l Wash the windows inside and out.

l Hire a cleaning service to thoroughly clean the interior.

l Paint the walls and ceilings off white or beige.

l Repair cracks, holes and damage to plaster, wallboard, wallpaper, paint, and tiles.

l Replace damaged windowpanes, moldings and woodwork.

l Repair drippy faucets and showerheads. Unclog slow drains.

l Shampoo carpets, scrub and wax linoleum or wood floors.

l Clean out the fireplace and lay some logs in it.

l Mend torn screens. Clean out all window tracks.

l Replace burned-out light bulbs. Use brighter light bulbs.

l Renail creaking boards or stairs; lubricate squeaking doors.

l Clean all appliances (especially refrigerator and oven).

l Replace old toilet seats and shower curtains.

l Clear all cobwebs from corners and doorways.

l Wash all light switches, handrails and doorknobs.


Thanks Mike